Royal Wood Aluminum
Since its inception in 1982 Royal imports ready to install aluminum wood windows made by the Italian company Buonano. This Italian company is a leader in quality in its field, and they manufacture for us, or for you, the end-user, according to measurements and specifications that we provide them. The high-end finishes of Italian manufacturing coupled with the top quality installation of our team with 25 years of experience, put us as a leader supplier of aluminum wood windows in the nation.
In addition to aluminum wood windows, we work with leading Israeli companies in the aluminum field such us Klil and Extal so we can offer a range of solutions, from Belgium windows in a country style till the clean modern style. Moreover, we work with Somfy and Simu, both are leading French manufacturers in the field of home automation. These companies provide a range of solutions for controlling your home openings.
We stand behind the quality of our products and offer 4 full years of guarantee for the quality of our products and accessories and for water sealing. We update our windows and doors line of products with the best and most luxurious products worldwide, with the intentions of providing unique ideas and solutions for the leading architects’ demands.
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